Tampa Bay Lighting at Devils

This evening the Devils will host the Tampa Bay Lighting. Game time is 5 pm, broadcasting live on MSG and NHLN-CA for all you Canadian Folk.

Okay. In the last ten our Devs are 1-9-0 and the Lighting are 7-2-1.  Just based on that, chances don’t look so so great. In the last four games, the Devils have beat the Lighting three times, always by a one goal difference. The Lighting have won once in the last four by a score of 4-2, which was in the our last meeting (you may remember this is the make-up of the game in which half the lights went out).  The Lighting have a healthy 55 points, putting them at the top of the Southeast Division and second in the conference, trailing the Flyers by two whole points. As we all know (and probably don’t need to be reminded of), the Devils are sitting at the bottom of the league with 22 points, 10 below the Islanders.

Injuries: Lighting have goalie Mike Smith and forward Mattias Ritola out. Devs have the usual Parise, Salvador, and Taormina out. Josefson has been sent up to Albany while he recovers from his hand injury. Salmela will be sitting out…don’t ask me why.

Volchenkov is flying back to Russia today to attend his father’s funeral (may he rest in peace).  My thoughts and prayers are with Anton and his family in this tough time.  Lemaire, who actually played against Anton’s father once, does not know when Anton will be returning.  As a result, Fayne has been called up and Corrente will also be playing.

We have known since…I think Friday, that Brodeur will start in goal.  After his excellent performance yesterday, I think he is again read for gametime action. According to @TGfireandice, Lemaire is confident that Brodeur is again ready for action. He is 31-15-7 against the Lighting.  Five of those 31 are shutouts.

In other news, I heard one confirmed report (and nothing more) that both Hedberg and Arnott have been asked to waive their NTC just like Langenbrunner had.  I suppose we will hear details on whether are not these rumors are true.  The Fourth Period has info on Arnott, but doesn’t seem to have anything on the Moose.

Anyway I’m starting to think this is getting too long for a game preview. Check out Speaking of the Devils for a game preview containing more stats…and I mean a lot more stats.  Overall, considering are recent progress as a team, I think we have a pretty good chance at this one. Puck drops in 45 minutes from posting.


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